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Snap and Cracker LTD is a reliable home improvement contractor offering exceptional quality roofing, siding, window and door repair & installation services in Red Deer, AB and surrounding areas.

Our professional contractors, roofers, siding, window and door experts have the years of experience and skills to provide a safe and efficient roof installation, siding repairs and other window and doors services for your home or office building anywhere in Red Deer, AB. Whether you’re looking for a brand new roof, a roof replacement or siding installation in Red Deer, AB, you can bet that we are the trusted contractors who can deliver the first rate assistance you’re counting on.

Throughout Red Deer, AB and surrounding areas, Snap and Cracker LTD home improvement contractors have earned a reputation for providing high quality roofing, siding, window and door installation, repair and replacement using the highest quality products and equipment available.

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The roof is a crucial part of every house, as it provides protection from weather conditions and the outer world. Coming to terms with a damaged roof can be ...

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Are you looking to give your property an exterior makeover? Installing siding in your home can add value to your property while making it energy efficient.

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Doors and Windows

Your doors and windows can add value to your property and save you money on your utility bills. At Snap and Cracker, we can help you determine which materials...

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Wood Constructions

If you feel your house is incomplete, and you want to add some constructions to it, then we will take care of everything. We will build top notch ...

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